How to use your To The Moon scented candle refill

How to use your To The Moon scented candle refill

Discover the ultimate way to maximise the enjoyment of your new To The Moon candle refill.

As an environmentally conscientious business, To The Moon is dedicated to preserving the environment. Our latest line of scented candle refills are tailor-made for use in To The Moon's 30cl refillable candle jars, ensuring your candle jar can be utilised time and time again.

It's a sad reality that most candle jars ultimately end up in landfills, where they degrade at an alarmingly slow pace. We’re delighted to be able to help you reuse yours for many years into the future.


Here's how to elevate your experience with your new To The Moon scented candle refill:

Clean the candle glass by removing any remaining wax with a paper towel, remove the wick stem and discard. Check that your candle glass is intact and does not have any cracks.

To remove left over wax from your previous burn, pour hot water into the container, leaving room at the top. The boiling water will melt the wax and it will float to the top of the water. Let the water cool and remove the wax. Avoid rinsing with soapy water, as wax can lead to clogs in drains.

Unwrap the wax refill packaging and peel off the wick stickum label attached to the bottom of the wax refill. Then, simply insert the wax refill into your reusable candle jar. The stickum will adhere to the inside of your refillable candle jar, ensuring the wick remains centred throughout its burn.

Light the wick, ensuring that the initial burn lasts long enough to create an even melt pool (approximately 3 hours). Extinguish the flame using a wick snuffer to minimise smoke. Remember to trim the wick before relighting.

Safety Reminder

Prior to lighting, always place the candle refill in a glass container. Failure to do so could result in damage, injury, or fire.

Thanks for joining our mission to promote refill not landfill and leave a lighter footprint.

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