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Scent Ocean Drive

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It's 1983, you've been taken back in time to a 5 star Americana luxury resort, where the scent of our new summer collection fills the air. Immersing you in the essence of carefree days under the sun, where neon swimsuits and big hair are the epitome of style. The Resort Collection will be your portal to reliving the past while basking in the present's warmth. Get ready to embrace the nostalgic magic!

Our Resort Candles are made of 100% natural soy wax and the finest phthalate-free fragrances which are vegan friendly and cruelty free. 200ml | Approximate burn time 30-35 hours.

Ocean Drive - Prepare to be whisked away to a nostalgic realm where fleeting moments of summer love linger long after the season fades.
Featuring notes of crisp air, salty sea spray, sun-kissed memories and above all, new found freedom.

Miami Mixtape - This mouthwatering concoction takes you on a sensorial experience, evoking memories of carefree dancing and unforgettable moments under the glitter ball.
Featuring notes of passion fruit martinis, assorted cocktail umbrellas, sensual musk and liberation.

Cabana Boy - This seductive fragrance transports you to a world of tropical romance, where unbridled fantasies and the allure of over-attentive summer employment intertwine.
Featuring notes of freshly cut grass, recently de-leafed swimming pool, dirty martinis, and desire.

Palm Springs - This pink desert paradise projects you to a world of vibrant blossoms, where the air is filled with the enchanting aroma of nature's artistry, creating a blissful oasis of floral delight.
Featuring notes of powder pink florals, lawn flamingos, swimsuit lycra and high gloss magazines.


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