Golden Hour

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  • A stunning blend of 100% natural essential oils, containing properties that bring a sense of calm and collection. Ginger Lily helps lift feelings of tension and irritability while Ylang Ylang is an all round mood booster helping to relieve feelings of stress. Aromatherapy oils encourage healing and self centre and are made specifically for holistic therapeutic purposes.

    Blend: Ginger Lily, Ylang Ylang, Orange and Bergamot

    This 180ml aromatherapy soy candle is presented in an apothecary style amber jar, complete with an aluminium lid to capture the magic inside after burning. Hand poured and beautifully packaged in Liverpool.

  • This aromatherapy candle is made using a natural sustainable clean burning soy wax and pure essential oils. It does not contain perfumes, paraffin or petroleum products. As such, the aromas it produces is more subtle than what you'd get with a fragranced candle, and far more therapeutic. All candles are vegan friendly and cruelty free. | Burn time: 30+ hours.

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